When I added Harem to the team, I really thought I would be featuring her a lot more in the comic. She’s fun to write and think about, but she takes up a lot of space on a page. I have to show her in multiple places with different backgrounds and usually different people around her, so it’s hard to fit in alongside Sydney’s usual antics, but the next “book” will probably have mini-storylines like “Harem’s Day” or “Peggy’s Day” where I can spend a few pages focusing on some of the other characters.

This page got me thinking about Harem’s distributed physical presence and spanking. Like, if you spanked her… it’s not she wouldn’t know that she got spanked. but it might take her a second to figure out which one of her actually got spanked. Like if you leaned around a wall and popped her one, then dove back into hiding, it might take her a second to figure it out. Especially if you did it just as another of her was sitting down. She might think that her sat on a balloon that popped, or even for a split second think she sat on a tack or something. Of course, the one that took the hit would also hear it, but with enough stimulus, (like one of her is at a bar and a champagne cork popped, and another of her is at the practice range) it could confuse her for a second.

The residual throbbing would give it away. If you got smacked in the arm, you don’t need to see it happen to know which arm it is. Harem’s the same way. Just because she has 5 right arms doesn’t mean she can’t discern them from one another. It’s just that a cavalcade of stimulus can confuse her momentarily.

Co-ed Harem has something on her shirt. I don’t think it’s legible even in the Patreon version, but don’t lose too much sleep over it. There will be a better shot on another page.

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