Normally when Arch Villains face off you get a lot of monologing and grandiose scheming but little action. I thought I’d mix it up and show some petty bickering.

If Sciona actually wanted to inconvenience Deus, she would have smashed his fish tank. I’ve barely ever shown it (You can see a bit of it there in panel 6 – it’s on the left side of the big conference table as you look out from Deus’s desk) because if I did, in addition to all the other background stuff I draw, I’d also have to do fish. And probably a little castle. But there’s not much more inconvenient than water damage. Sure, acid damage or toxic waste damage, but Deus doesn’t keep stuff like that around his office. Probably.

I had to change the font and color of the text on Harem’s shirt, and even still it’s kind of hard to read. Apparently pink is a bad color to write text on. Anyway, it says “You had me at “I’m a terminally ill billionaire.”” Don’t read anything into the state of Deus’s health. Harem just thought it was a funny shirt.

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