Not too much to say about this page, just needed a little transition to the next page. Which is kind of a dumb thing to say. It’s a comic. Every page is a transition to the next one.

I hadn’t planned on showing off Vale’s abilities quite yet, but you know how it goes when you write. Sometimes the characters have a mind of their own.

Looking at this page now, I think I got a little too happy with the glass shard spray brush I made, considering that the middle pane was already busted in. Maybe whatever Vale did to knock Sciona out of the window swept up all the glass that got knocked in when Sciona smashed it the first time? Sure, let’s go with that.

I sure hope there isn’t some 5K going on in the streets below Deus’s building, or they’re going to need someone really good with jigsaw puzzles to sort out all the body parts after 50 square meters of shattered glass cascades down on the event.

Vale’s boots are so cute. I think because the reference I found for them were like a size 4 or something. This is assuming that small shoe measurements for women just means the foot is shorter, so Vale’s boots are a cute and short like a kitten’s nose.

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