If it isn’t totally clear what Max and Harem are referring to there in the last few panels, imagine that it might be cleared up in the next page or two and it might just happen!

I made up the term Silk Work because as far as I could suss out, there doesn’t seem to be an actual term for seduction spycraft. Wetwork being the term for anything involving the spilling of blood, usually used by spies (at least if Hollywood has taught me anything) so Silk Work seems like a logical continuation of that theme. Hopefully that didn’t completely throw everyone. It’s weird that a term like it doesn’t already exist. I know the term honey trap, but that seems like it’s more for a sting or a grift than an embedded operative.

Obviously, it’s something Maxima takes umbrage with. She’s not ignorant of how the world works, but it doesn’t mean she has to like it. Dabbler would, of course, be quick to point out that silk work and prostitution and strippers are all evidence of women’s power over men, but Maxima would rebut that in the real world it really doesn’t work out that way as men (hashtag NotAllMen) do everything they can to take that power back. There are far more male pimps and strip club owners than female ones, and those people take a huge chunk of someone else’s earnings while providing minimal support, if any at all. And the two of them argue long into the night and everyone regrets inviting them both to the same party.

This page colored by Keith.

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