This is the page where I draw a character giving herself a haircut because I liked her hair when it was short better. Also maybe foreshadowing some of Deus’s plans.  My wife does this to her hair about every five months. Just… not with her laser wings.

Hey look, Deus can draw. No, he’s not an author insert. If he was, he’d be using a shmancy mechanical pencil and not a No. 2 like a savage.

At least, I used to use mechanical pencils. I’ve been all digital since starting the comic. It’s just so much faster. When you draw something on paper, and it’s the wrong size >cough< heads >cough< you can’t just lasso it and resize it. You have to completely erase it and redraw it like some sort of caveman. Anyway, I have an unreasonably large collection of expensive mechanical pencils I haven’t used in nearly a decade.

At least I haven’t lost all my meatspace drawing muscle memory. After I drew the eraser shavings in that bottom middle panel, I tried to brush them off with the side of my hand.

I actually forgot that February only has 28 days in it because 1) I’m a dummy, and 2) I haven’t gone to school or a regular job in years – for which I thank you guys for the support! Whoop woo! If I wasn’t married to someone with a regular job and didn’t post this comic on a regular schedule, I would literally have no idea what day of the week it is. The point is I don’t quite have a new vote incentive ready yet. I know the current one is mad stale.

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