Well, a few bandaids will fix that right up. The shirt is probably a write off though. And the pants.

Remember back when I was all “I don’t know how much gore I want to put in the comic, even though I actually love super gory manga where dudes get cut in half down the middle and you can see all their stuffing?” Yeah I’m over that. Even though it turns out drawing remotely accurate bisected organs is really tedious and I’m obviously not good at it yet, so it’s not like I’m going to be shooting for maximum gross out factor for no reason anyway, but why shy away from it? I mean, I did just do a bunch of pages with Harem having sex during a team meeting, Dabbler playing funhouse mirror with Maxima’s boobs, a shower scene, and a bad guy accepting check, MasterCard, or naked time as s form of payment. It’s not like the comic has ever been PG anyway. I just need an excuse for Sydney to go on a swear tear. She hadn’t done that in quite a while.

The Vote Incentive is finally updated. This piece isn’t quite finished. Max’s face looks a little off, I think her eyes are too close together, and there’s some other tweaks yet to make, but I’d been sitting on this one half finished for a while because I messed up the perspective a bit. The background looks like it’s a low angle shot, but Max is kind of straight on. Also the blank spot on the wall behind her was supposed to be a mirror like a lot of gyms have. Not that I would have objected to drawing Max’s backside, but that would have also involved drawing more of the gym, and drawing gym equipment is about the most involved and tedious thing I can think of. It’d be like drawing a cityscape, but every building is under construction, and also full of pulleys. So instead I’ll probably just put some of those big blue pads the stick on the walls of basketball courts so people can run into the walls without smacking into bare concrete.

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