Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve drawn Sydney. I mean previous to the previous page, but I draw two pages side by side, so this page and the last were the same page as far as I’m concerned. I almost forgot how to draw her bangs. :/

This is kind of an odd page because it isn’t terribly illuminating. I just wrote it because I realized the team never went over Sciona’s race, or rather her species, which might seem species-ist, but in this case, it’s informative of her abilities. So instead of playing it like I just forgot to cover this before, or just kept putting it off because I couldn’t think of a name for her race (which I’ve been informed is not nearly as unique a race name as I thought it was – apparently my google-fu sucks) I thought it’d be funny to play off of Sydney’s ADHD again. Being told in a briefing about Sciona seems like something she’s at least try to pay attention to, but it was delivered as a written brief, there’s a very good chance her eyes would glaze over while scanning it.

Given the sensitive nature of anything to do with Twilight Council races, they probably wouldn’t just email blast everyone with clearance on the team, no matter how secure they thought their system was. So it was definitely a meatspace brief, but Sydney has had rather a lot on her mind lately. She was probably still mad about the whole werewolves (and indeed, wolves) have no relationship with the moon whatsoever.

There are more people in her bubble bus than I pictured, I haven’t quite decided who yet, but there’s definitely at least one Harem sitting in the middle. She’s not a heavy hitter or especially armored, but she’s mobile and really handy for ferrying small items around, and no technology or power yet known can block her ability to sense what each of her are doing, (including Sydney’s shield, which I actually considered the first time it happened) meaning the team has perfectly reliable communication over any distance. Unless someone klonks her on the head or something.

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