Maybe Maxima should have been two more cars behind. It always bugs me in movies when someone is tailing someone else, and they’re maybe 30 feet behind them. I know they do that so its easy to get everyone in the same shot, but it makes it look like the followers are every bit as incompetent as the people they’re following. Same thing when someone is parked across the street staking someone out, they’re usually less than 50 feet away. These minimal distances are usually exacerbated by the cameraman taking the shots with a telephoto lens, which compresses the foreground and background elements and makes them look like they’re right next to each other.

To be fair to Max, she was at least half a kilometer above Sciona, and she doesn’t glow like those wings. If it was daylight, she’d have to worry about glare like a sniper in a video game, but at night, she’s a pretty stealthy flier.

It’s a good thing Max caught up to Sciona though. Even if she’s going supersonic, it’s unlikely anyone would be able to track her in those valleys. Maybe if there was an AWACS in the air above her, but they’re not supersonic.

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