If I was a superhero, I would buy stock in “construction.” That’s how stocks work, right? Construction and bandages. And moral outrage or racism probably.

Nobody planned Max’s bolt hitting the bridge, but the law of comic book averages meant it was practically predetermined.

Maxima didn’t know Sciona could deflect her shot, and to be fair, neither did Sciona. Maxima might have had more luck with a beam weapon, but to be fair, neither of them knows if she could have deflected that either. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn Max doing a beam attack, have I? Maxima also could have put a shitload more watts into her attack, but she didn’t want to risk washing the cars off the bridge if it missed and hit the water. Or volts. I’m not entirely sure how her powers work. Do cosmic beams have watts even? Or cosmic particle beams?

I like how non-specific “cosmic energy” is. What is that, energy that’s in the cosmos? Isn’t everything in the cosmos? So really all we’re saying is that the beams aren’t made of matter. Unless it’s a particle beam, and then it’s… kind of matter? Little tiny bits of matter. Like a super hot sandblaster, except a much finer grain. So like a super hot powdered sugar blaster.

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