Max is one of those heroes who actually has to think about whether or not to save the plane of people the bad guy shot down as a diversion, or go and tar the bad guy instead. Superman saves the plane every time. It’s a failsafe diversion. Max isn’t a psycho. She’ll usually save the people, but if the bad guy has a nuke strapped to their back and is heading to a major metropolis, sorry people on the plane, but there’s such a thing as superhero triage.

In this case, Max thinks Sciona represents a continuing threat greater than the danger of a bridge collapsing with 2 dozen cars on it. If nothing else, she can point to the fact that Sciona randomly attacked a bridge to distract her, and if she gets away, she might do it again.

Of course, Sciona didn’t actually attack the bridge, did she? She may have meant to, or maybe she was planning on dropping some vial of infectious crap on the road, or take a schoolbus full of orphans hostage, but that serendipitous deflection kind of chose for her.

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