So a little wall or text-y unfortunately. I didn’t see a good way to break this one in to two pages and have enough content for a full second page, but the advantage of a cramped page this week means the next page will be Maxima’s interview, which means I can upgrade her who’s who badge to something other than “Mysterious Golden Woman.” It also means I need to finally name the team. Unfortunately I’m stuck at FSWAT (Federal Super Weapons and Tactics) which is serviceable but not quite as catchy as I’d like. Really I’d prefer something unique and googleable, so stuff like “Spartans” or “Phalanx” or other cool sounding words are out, leaving me mostly with (hopefully cool sounding) acronyms. Since the team is a new branch of the military, acronyms containing “Squad” doesn’t quite make sense, since I’m looking for a name for the whole division, not just one team. Acronyms containing Corps of Force would work I suppose.

I had played with something like Arc Corps, or Arch Corps, since the team is comprised of the super elite. That doesn’t make for a cool acronym but it’s fairly unique as far as I’m aware, plus I could call team members Arc Troops or Arc Knights or something.  I like FEAR, from the video game, that sounds cool but isn’t unique obviously. For anyone not aware, FEAR stands for First Encounter Assault Recon, but my team is neither First Encounter nor Recon. They’re the ones that people call when they realize they can’t handle whatever super powered menace is confronting them. They’re more like Last Encounter if anything. Assault suits them, but they’re more than just a fighting force. While they aren’t engineers, you can imagine what super strong flyers could to in terms of building or repairing bridges, so an all encompassing acronym or name for the team continues to elude me. Suggestions are welcome. If someone comes up with something that’s a clear winner, maybe I’ll do a commission for them or gift them a shirt or something.

By the way I have a terrible (at the moment) looking store here with Sydney’s “Always. Expect. Ninjas.” in shirt form. I’ll add to the store with a shirt of the Grrl Power logo and some other ideas as I come up with them (and have time to draw them.) Also someone asked for a mug so I’ll set that up this week as well.

I didn’t mean to hit the meme well twice in a row, I won’t make a habit of it. I think memes are one of the best thing about the internet, the crowd-sourced iteration of humor, but I don’t feel like I’m writing my own jokes when I rely on them too heavily. Obviously Sydney is more than familiar with them though so it’s only natural that she’d bust ’em out every once in a while.