So yeah, it was coming down to the wire and I hemmed and hawed and I finally just had to go with something for the team name. ArcSWAT sounds better than FSWAT I think, plus it lets me have unofficial sub teams like the ArcAngels/Knights/Troops/Corps/whatever. Plus this lets me come up with an acronym for “ARC” if I want. It’ll probably wind up being something Latin so that way it won’t have to sound quite as tortured. There were a lot of suggestions, some were pretty funny, some were pretty good actually, I’m not sure if they quite captured the flavor of the team though. Nothing quite had that ah-hah moment though, but they did give me an idea for a funny comic, maybe it’ll be a bonus Thursday comic, though I suspect I may hang onto it to make sure I don’t have a gap in the holidays coming up. There are a lot of mega huge video games coming up in the next month. Skyrim by itself will take be 2 years to beat if I have to play it for 2 hours at a time on Saturday mornings like a lot of my video gaming is since starting the comic. I think I’m looking forward to Saints Row 3 just as much though.

Speaking of which, anyone in to Minecraft? Doing a comic does occasionally make me regret not having this sort of time on my hands anymore. On the other hand, I have a comic, so it works out ok. Minecraft never really did it for me, for some reason I really got in to Terraria for a while though.

I’m not sure why the first panel is chibi, that’s just how it presented itself in my head, so I went with it.

Also I swapped out the sharing widget so be sure to test it with lots of clicks. :) ↓