“Hey team, let’s split up so we can search this abandoned bunker faster. If you find anything, signal with a massive explosion that threatens to cave the whole place in on top of us…”

…is not quite the instructions Maxima gave the team.  But that’s how Dabbler would paraphrase if asked to repeat them. She’s just frustrated she hasn’t been able to use much lethal force lately.

You know how when you’re playing a video game and killing wave after wave of evil gangsters, then a few hundred evil corporate security guards and then two dozen battalions of evil PMC soldiers and by the end of the game you’re the technically the hero, and you’ve saved the day, buuuuut you’re also history’s greatest mass murderer because the body count in most action video games is in the thousands? That’s a lot like most of Dabbler’s previous adventures.

Don’t worry, they were all bad.

I like the idea of explodey gas, but I’m not sure it would be more effective than just firing a rocket or a grenade in the room. Obviously, it’s not spraying aerosolized kerosine in there, it’s Dabbler’s own special super science blend. But again, you can bet Dabbler’s grenades drop the bass like DJ Davvincii. Get turned up the death! At least I could make the excuse that the gas gets into all sorts of nooks and crannies and when it explodes it’s like 10,000 years of erosion in 1/10,000th of a second.

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