Because “Skybreaker” is much cooler sounding than “The Cosmic Can-Opener.” I’m betting Sciona’s plans involve light travel in which she circumvents those TSA lines. Or she’s planning on summoning one humongous tentacle?

I don’t know, I’m (mildly) sick (and being a baby) and tired and I can’t think of anything to say about this page without being too spoilery, so I leave it to you guys.

I’ve updated the vote incentive with a revised version of the mock cover. The new one is on the left, hopefully that’s obvious. The saber toothed tiger still looks derpy, and his paws aren’t finished. Also, the girl’s face needs to be prettier. I was trying to avoid that dead faced look that most women have on covers, well, most men do too, because most really good painters pretty much only know how to draw portrait type expressions, and the standard beauty expression for a woman has settled in on that same basically blank, but slightly smokey look. I don’t know how much more work I’ll put into this version. I think I learned a bit from doing it, but the composition of it could be better, so I may move on to a new layout entirely if I find the time.

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