This is where Sydney is in her life – she’s concerned, and probably reasonably so, about the blood mage covered in her favorite medium, but not phased by the fact that someone survived getting punched through two meters of rock. It’s hard to tell there in the third panel because everything is red, but at least Sciona’s nose is massively broken from the punch. She heals quick though, even without an abundance of blood all over the place.

Sciona is a bit odd as blood mages go. She mostly uses it like mana potions, to power her spells and artifacts. Other blood mages act more like vampires, absorbing blood to heal and strengthen themselves. Sciona is stronger at the moment, but that is because she figured out how to temporarily copy super powers from super powered blood, not because she’s gotten a +1 to strength for every enemy she’s killed during a big battle. That sort of Blood Mage could split class with a Bezerker and be a real menace, at least against the rabble. Less useful against bosses, unless the boss kept spitting out minions for the Bloodzerker to keep powering up from.

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