Sciona is crazy resilient, that’s really all she’s got going for her in this fight. She does have a mess of powers, but obviously, she hasn’t gotten a chance to test them. Even with this arsenal, she’s outnumbered and arguably still overpowered. But she’s not trying to actually beat them. She would definitely brag about it at the arch-villain conference if she did manage to take a few of them down. At least add it to her resume.

Maxima doesn’t herself name her different levels of punching, but when your strength range goes from “opening a door without shattering the foundation of the house” all the way up to “what mountain?” it’s maybe not a bad idea to visualize the scale. With Maxima, it’s not just a matter of her flexing harder, she also has the power pool draw from. It’s not like she sees a UI like she’s playing a video game when she moves her power level around. She just flexes whatever superhero muscle she flexes until the power is in whatever buckets she wants. So her punches (and kicks, headbutts, Indian Burns, etc) have a fairly distinct feel to her. It’s not like in a regular person, where punches range from “hitty girlfriend” to “anti-hysteria slap” to “friendly boxing match” to “I’m seriously trying to hurt you” to “haymaker.” Maxima has like 50 different levels of punch. The MFP is closer to the top of the scale than it is the bottom, and Sciona is only the third person she’s ever hit with it that hasn’t been instantly decapitated. (Keep in mind that Maxima fought other supers in some overseas action. If you misjudge the toughness of an opponent on the superhero scale by even a little bit, stuff can get fatal real fast.)

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