Sciona base doesn’t have a lot of ductwork and crown molding to conceal all her extras. She got the barebones base package from the Evil Super Realtor, and planned to nice it all up herself, but you know how it is when you’re obsessed with revenging yourself on those that wronged you. You just never seem to find the time for those quality of life upgrades.

It’s a pretty safe bet she’s got a room off to the side full of drywall and tile, and one of those nice tile cutters with the hose that keeps the blade from cracking the tiles. Something she’s used just once and it’s still caked in all the dust cause she never cleaned it.

I tell you, those blood mages. Everything’s gotta be blood with them. Who needs wires when you’ve got giant tanks full of blood? When all you have is a hammer, etc, etc.

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