Whoops, just realized I drew Harem firing left handed. Oh well. I won’t tell the boss if you don’t.

Seriously, that railgun would have like a +10 piercing in a D20 system. It’s one of those weapons that has so much penetration it actually does less damage than a comparable lead bullet because the projectile itself rips through everything before it has a chance to expand or disintegrate. It just ignores intervening armor, or engine blocks, hospitals, or whatever the target is hiding behind. On the other hand, it is moving so fast it’s dragging a bladestorm of supersonic wind behind it. It’s like having a fragmentation grenade go off inside the wound tract. If she hits someone in the torso with the thing, it basically ejects their head, limbs, and genitals in every direction.

Remember, Dabbler’s adventuring days basically makes her akin to a Diablo character. She has tens of thousands of kills under her belt, so she doesn’t consider limbing an enemy who can regenerate anyway antisocial behavior. At least she knows not to do it in front of a news crew.

The team went into this fight with instructions to bring Sciona in dead or alive, but with a strong preference for alive. Like don’t kill her unless her hand is hovering over the history eraser button. Turning her over to The Council would, as she points out, be a death sentence anyway, but at least a death sentence with some semblance of due process.

It’s probably nice to have a lot of bullet resistant teammates. It’s far less stressful to be able to shoot into a melee without worrying about friendly fire. It’s doubtful a 9mm round would do anything to Sciona while she’s jacked up on Super Juice, but you never know. Maybe hitting her in the eye would hurt. Or if you shot her right in an incisor. Ack! Can you imagine? Even if you were invulnerable, I think that would still give you a terminal case of the willies.

Edit: Yes, this is a little hypocritical of Max, considering she limbed Vehemence. Her reaction has more to do with just being surprised at her opponent suddenly coming apart in front of her.

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