So we don’t know the details of why Sciona was on Earth in the first place. It might have been for being a jerk. But if you’re exiled, when you come back, it’s good form to bring an offering. Like access to a planet with powerful beings that can kick the shit out of exiled blood mages even if they’re doping on super juice.

There’s probably something to be said for a global government, but it’s probably not ideal when an alien race is offering compulsory administration. And no matter who’s handling the paperwork, it’s probably impossible to do without gradual cultural homogenization. I guess it makes some sense that Klingons are the warrior race, and Ferengi are the capitalism-gone-mad race, because they’ve had a single world government for hundreds of generations. Or maybe they were a bunch of warring tribes/houses who all spoke the same language and had the same culture to begin with, and it was just a question of who bends the knee to whom. Whereas, at least in Star Trek, the Earth still seems to have 200 languages and countries, despite a global government. That or what used to be countries are now like federated states or something. I’m actually not sure what the arrangement is, but in any case, they haven’t had a single government long enough to wash out all the sociological distinctiveness.

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