Yes, the portal is a big problem, but Dabbler could see what Sydney did when she used her orb, so she wanted to play along. Also, we all know that one of Sydney’s official unofficial superpowers is derailment.  She’s like ADHD for other people. Maybe she’s ADHD’s avatar.

Dabbler is quite the competent solo adventurer, but it’s because she needs stuff like wind spells that her fireball spell is not exactly on Lina Inverse’s level. Like when she hangs out at the Adventurer’s Cafe, they all make fun of her until the swarm of bees comes in. Or she pulls out her railgun. She does have some big hits, but she’s definitely the kind of adventurer everyone wants in the party. (Besides the succubus stuff) Between her spells and her ‘cybernetic arm of holding’ she’s usually prepared for just about any situation. She’s like Data from The Goonies, only her inventions use molecular fabrication and have less reliance on slinkies and spring loaded dentures.

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