When The Baxter Building gets knocked over, or a SHIELD Helicarrier crashes into a mountain side, or some DC equivalent… uh, the Justice League watchtower crashes to Earth, that would be an insane security risk. Sure, whatever agency deals with that kind of thing will put some guards around it and start salvaging what they can, but in the meantime, the Moleman digs in from underneath and makes off with a time machine or the Infinity Nose Ring or the Omni McGuffin or whatever.

Basically, whenever a superhero’s HQ or a supervillain’s lair is catastrophically breached like this, it seems like a dozen organizations would be fighting over the scraps. Arc-SWAT and Arc-LIGHT will be busy securing this location for a little while, even as Maxima does everything she can to get back to Sydney. When they can’t find any of the artifacts missing from the Black Reliquary in the debris, they may start to suspect either this was some sort of a diversion, or there were third parties involved.

In the meantime, it looks like Deus may have a new toy. Hopefully he’s not dumb enough to stick it up in the display with the rest of his sword collection.

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