Sydney doesn’t actually know that those ships are drones. They might be manned, but even if all the pilots are Super Hitler, she hasn’t made up her mind if she’s okay with being the sort of hero who kills.

Okay, if it’s Super Hitler, or even regular Hitler, she’d probably sleep soundly at night after offing him. Some people are at such levels of evil that the human mind can’t even wrap itself around, and there’s a pretty solid connection between these ships and the people who exterminated the Alari homeworld, but either way, she’s telling herself they’re drones.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to post this with the page last night. Drawing that low angle with the squinty eyes is super difficult.


And in current events, the Cast page is fixed! So here’s the story. There was an update to WordPress like a year ago that broke it and it had been so long since I’d been up in the guts of the site, I’d forgotten how to fix stuff. So I put off fixing it until I had time to refamiliarize myself with WordPress and PHP. When I originally built the page I actually had a job doing web stuff, and now I have to remind myself of every little basic thing when I go rooting around and making updates.

So yesterday I asked a friend to take a look at it (something I should have done 11 months ago) and he fixed it in like 5 minutes. Turns out the update made some part of WordPress care about case sensitivity and I had a lowercase letter somewhere I shouldn’t have. So long story short, I’m dumb.

Of course now that it’s back up, yikes, that art is out of date, huh? Also the size of the cast has exploded, so I guess I’ll be slowly updating that as I go.

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