To be fair to whoever made the orbs, this is a pretty unusual situation to account for.

I’m not… too sure what else to say about this page. I didn’t plan on having her glasses break, admittedly a detail that’s easy to miss on this page, but now I get to draw broken glasses on her for the next however many pages. She could take them off. She really only needs them for reading, but it kind of doesn’t quite look like Sydney when I forget them. I guess I’ll have to decide if I want to stick with the big round ones when she gets her next pair. I’ll experiment with that maybe when she goes shopping next.

Panel three I straight up didn’t draw clearly. It’s supposed to be building across the street from Sydney blowing up. Like the beam went over the top of the one Sydney is hiding behind and blew the top off of it. Instead I drew an explosion and a wall.

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