Yes, in case you were going to ask, somehow, Sydney managed to get her phone out of her pocket one handed and find a recording app without realizing she hadn’t been stabbed. Even subconsciously she commits to her bits.

I think “Supervillainique” would be successful as a fashion trend just because women could put on a mask instead of futzing with eyeliner in the mornings. The rest of the standard supervillain costumery might not be adopted so easily. The prevalence of underboob/boob keyhole, plunging decolletage, and stuff held in place by tape and otherwise held together by the Comic Code… well, that might be okay for clubbing, but probably not so much in corporate settings.

Well, if you were a lady CEO and just decided “You know what, fuck it, I’m going to dress the part.” and go to work the next day dressed head to toe in black leather, flanked by trained dobermans or tigers or something.

If you don’t recall Ashley, he’s the team’s super powered couturier, one of the Patreon driven cameos. I have a fair backlog of cameos to get to. This current alien planet apocalypse storyline hasn’t given me a lot of places to stick cameos, but the next storyline should have a bunch.

Edit: Forgot to mention this last night, but evidently, in the Grrlverse, esoteric threats travel much faster through the universe than the speed of light.

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