These things, whatever Sydney is fighting, apparently don’t fight a lot of enemies that can teleport. Or at least they’ve decided their shield technology is really good against everything but teleportation, and making it work against teleporters would compromise it in other ways that are unacceptable for 98% of their other conflicts.

If you follow me on Twitter, (where I post insightful stuff like how I don’t understand the difference between clam digger pants and capris) you may have already heard this, but man I dislike drawing rubble. It’s so tedious. It does make me respect those crazy splash pages in mangas of bombed out cities and general wreckage. Of course, manga artists have people for that. There are guys who all they do is draw backgrounds and architecture. There are definitely some kind of artists who would find work like that very satisfying, but all my background work is because I want the characters to feel grounded in the world I’m creating. Some of those earlier pages of the comic have literally no background on the panels. Artistically, that can fly if you’ve established an environment, but still a shadow across a wall or something or a gradient or some cross hatching just to avoid a white panel, at least certainly in a color comic. A black and white one can swing that easier.

The next supervillain lair I’m going to design might look like an igloo designed by Apple or something. That should be easy to draw. I can tell you it definitely won’t be disguised as a freshly destroyed building. :/

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