I wasn’t sure what to have Vale watching there on the screen for a while, I went back and forth between something metal like the club scene from Blade 2 or Hellraiser, but that felt a little predictable. Of course, having her watching a cutesy cartoon is nearly as predictable as it’s a straight reversal of the trope. Maybe I should have had her watching something super brain dead like The Bachelorette or a daytime soap, but then a lot of you would have been all “anyone know what she’s watching?”

If you’ve never heard of a solar updraft tower, they’re a pretty cool ideal. I have a wikipedia link there for you, but the short version is, build a hollow tower, the taller the better, like 500-1000 meters, and since the upper atmosphere is always cooler than the lower atmosphere, even at night, wind travels up the tower, since heat rises. Put some wind turbines in there, and you have constant power. To make it more efficient, put a huge greenhouse at the base to really collect the hot air, and we’re talking about something in the order of 1/10th of the Hoover Dam’s output.

You can even use some of the greenhouse space as an actual greenhouse, of course, you’d have to shield most of the plants from the constant wind, so you lose efficiency there.

The point is, I wonder what Deus is planning on doing with the Skybreaker and a ton of power?

Edit: Wow, I had no idea Teen Titans Go was so reviled. Maybe I’ll swap the screen out with something else. On the other hand, she is a bad guy(?).

The vote incentive is updated! I have another mock cover I painted, but I’ll give you guys a break from that stuff and put up a portrait of Max. Mostly just painting practice. I think it turned out pretty good, but it’s still not… there. But it’s an improvement, and that’s the important part. For some reason I like drawing Max wearing t-shirts she would probably never actually wear. Maybe on laundry day, but never around the base or the press.

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