I don’t know what Sydney is hoping to accomplish with suggesting that thing is under arrest. I mean it’s obviously just a suggestion. There’s no indication the thing even understand English, and even if it decided to surrender or whatever the next step would be, her whole goal is to beat the hit dice out of the thing until a skill point falls out.

I guess it’s partially to ease her own conscience, as if this goes as she needs it to, this will be her first time killing something. Assuming that thing is alive and not some sort of mecha-kaiju. It helps that it’s a huge rampaging monster. She would probably have a heck of a lot more trouble killing something more human looking. She blew up a few of those mannekillers, but they were soulless automatons. It also assuming all those fighters were drones and not manned. It’s convenient how those things stopped attacking as soon as Sydney decided to focus on the big guy. Basically I sort of forgot. They probably should still be swarming her, or at least some stragglers should be picking at her shields. Maybe they actually ran out? Or they just decided there was no point in tossing more materiel into the meat grinder that is The Mighty Halo.

As I post this page, it occurs me that I maybe should have posted this page on Monday, and Monday’s today. I do like popping back and forth between Sydney and stuff back on Earth, but it was kind of a weird place to break the fight.  Maybe once we’re past these pages, I’ll change up the order in WordPress if I can figure out how, to make it read a bit smoother.

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