Whew, just barely finished this one in time. Darned Skyrim.

So the first thing a lot of people will think is “if she tried to lift the ambulance by it’s side like that, she’s just rip of the chunk she grabbed on to” It shall be explained! Otherwise, not too much to comment on this page. We see that Sydney has some control over the (contents of the) tube, obviously that control doesn’t allow her to extend the range they will allow her to stray.

Is it just me or does Maxima’s shirt seem to keep getting tighter? I need to scale back on that a bit. It looks painted on in this page.

Oh and I forgot to mention, the Washington Post online is doing a “best webcomics thing” I’d appreciate a write in, but obviously these best of lists are really just “who’s got the most traffic” lists. Lemme guess, people like Hark a Vagrant, Penny Arcade, PvP, Oatmeal and Olgaf? I’m shocked! Well not that shocked. Still, I think it’s important that people nominate their favorites (not just mine) so people outside of the usual webcomics circles start to get a feel for what a huge community it is.