Hmm, looks like Max isn’t the only one who slipped up on this page. No one’s quite had a chance to catch on yet though. It would seem Syndey’s unofficial list of superpowers, besides super swearing and spice tolerance, are super hero baiting and summoning pom poms for comedic effect.

FYI, there’s a really good artist that I… well, I don’t know her, but I’ve been following her art on DeviantArt for a long time (and she draws, among other things, sexy elf gals) and it turns out she needs a kidney. I saw someone tweet about her predicament, the link lead to a Tumblr page with a giveaway contest to help generate donations. I haven’t quite figured out what Tumblr is for myself, but I’ve had an account there for a while, so I reblogged it, the details are there. If you’ve got $10 to spare you could literally be helping to save her life. You can hold off on buying a shirt for a few weeks.