Sydney’s speed upgrade was significant. She didn’t go from mach 4 to 5. I’ll leave the actual number for a fun reveal later when she challenges Maxima to a race or something.

Okay, it’s mach 16. I didn’t want to wait to tell you. She went from 4 to 16. It’s really fucking fast. Honestly it’s too fast for Sydney, because she may not have the reflexes she would need to avoid things like planes, buildings, other supers. Not an issue on this world so much, but still, it means she can circumnavigate the Earth (let’s assume this planet is within 10% of the same size) in about 12 minutes… assuming I did the math right. Historically I haven’t been great with that. But you can see how it might be a problem for her resolving something on the horizon and reacting to it before she’s on top of it, (or blowing through it) and near misses don’t count when you have the sort of wake she would generate.

Edit: NOPE! I screwed up the math as per usual. It would take her roughly 2 hours to circumnavigate the globe, not 12 minutes. Gah.

Honestly, come to think of it, mach 4 is a lot faster than she should be traveling, even with her map of air traffic.

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