Hopefully that blue shit from the downed orbital defense platforms isn’t wildly radioactive cause it’s scattered all over that… mountainous plain? I don’t know what I drew there.

Someone mentioned it in the comments, but the orbs won’t go into upgrade mode if they’re in use, so she doesn’t have to worry about them flipping into skill tree mode at 50,000 feet or while deflecting a hail of bullets or anything.

It would have taken Sydney an hour to get half way around the planet, (according to actual correct math, and not the nonsense I put out) and no way she had the patience to actually fly that long. Still, she probably put 5,000 miles between herself and the bads before she hunkered down to see if she’d earned some points. I mean, come on, Sydney, if you’d flown around to the other side of the planet, it’d probably be daytime. That’s standard operating procedure for most planets.

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