Sydney has a long road to travel before she starts acting like a wealthy person. Not that any amount of paper money from a world without an intergalactic trade agreement would be worth anything there, but with what Archon pays her, she should probably keep at least a grand on her in cash.

I imagine everyone on the team might have a card linked to a team account. Obviously all the expenses on it would need to be accounted for, but, you know, maybe Achilles’s car breaks down on the way to a supervillain attack and he needs a taxi or whatever. Since they’re domestically based, miscellaneous expenses might come up. The spending limit is probably tied to rank in that case.

Achilles especially probably doesn’t want to carry a bunch of his own personal stuff into a fight, since he generally runs at the most dangerous thing in any battle. I’ve drawn his clothes getting blown off or messed up several times already, but come to think of it, he probably would have his badge and the aforementioned card and a few other essentials strapped to one leg inside a wallet made out of the stuff they make black boxes out of. So the next time he gets all his clothes incinerated, don’t be surprised if he’s left wearing just a garter belt. Or I guess just a regular belt makes more sense. Just a really tough one, with a built in fanny pack.

The shot of the alien street scene isn’t nearly what I wanted it to be, but backgrounds have never been my thing, and what I pictured in my head would probably have taken several weeks to draw just by itself. So as with the shot of Fracture Station itself, try and imagine the street level scenes with about 10x the detail if you would. :)

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