I like the implied history between Mr. Amorphous and Achilles here. It’s probably nothing I’ll really ever get in to, but I like them referencing some crazy but non-critical-that-you-understand-it backstory. I imagine the incident with the missile involved some precision skydiving or something. I’ll let you fill in the rest. Beyond that, this page is really mostly setup for something later.

This page has some weird layout within the panels, after the little panels of Dabbler’s Science Corner, I massively overestimated the amount of space the word balloons would take up on this page, which is why panel 6 looks like it’s cropped weird. Also the last panel really should have been a shot of the whole interior of the ambulance showing more clearly that she had fallen on Achilles, but I’m getting tired of drawing the oddly blue interior of that vehicle so hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of it.