You know Dave, you should really sketch out that armor before you sit down to do the comic.
Nah, I have a pretty decent idea of what they should look like.
Really? Well at least do the helmets, those’ll be tough.
No I’ll knock those out easy.
—4 hours later —
I guess I can make some joke about the helmets not being ready at some point. /stab

This page was going to end on another joke but I got tired of drawing in tiny panels, and I wanted something a little bigger to introduce the Osprey and the “regulars” who we’ll eventually see are really anything but regular. They’re just not super powered. And before anyone compliments me on being awesome on drawing Ospreys, I’m sure you’ll be able to find pictures (that I’m assuming are public domain) in suspiciously similar angles on the intertubes. I’ll have to learn though, cause eventually I’ll need to draw them at angles that aren’t readily available online. Maybe I’ll have to resort to Sketchup models cause they’re a PITA to draw.

Does anyone know what modeling program they use for the 3D stuff in cartoons like Futureama and Young Justice? I’m assuming it’s 3DSMax with a plugin that together cost $8K. Sketchup is ok considering it’s free but it just isn’t designed for handling a lot of polys or doing remotely complex geometry. Blender looks complex enough but doesn’t have a usable toon renderer. :P