Not a ton to say about this page, other than it’s a little weird that it looks like Sydney could just be walking through an alley in New York and not on a pulsar Dyson warpgate station. I mean, you can’t see the sky all the time.

Admittedly I’m a little disappointed with my alien architecture skills. Ideally this whole place would look more like the interior of the Death Star, but on the other hand, there’s no reason some of the surface of the station or the buildings couldn’t be built out of stone. The accretion disk around the pulsar is full of crap that can be mined, like asteroids and whatnot.

The material the station is built out of manages and harnesses the gravity of the pulsar so that the surface of it is livable. That also hugely affects the density and speed of the crap in the accretion disk, so it’s not like it’s a maelstrom of death traveling at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light, but there’s still plenty of stuff out there to mine for building materials. Even if there weren’t, it’s a massive trading hub. You can get just about anything in the universe at Fracture Station.

I didn’t see that anyone got the second alien on the previous page, but there were some outstanding guesses. Apparently a pile of tentacles with an eye on top is sort of a common thing for the special effects guy to make for a show.

Someone on the Grrl Power facebook page got it though. It’s from this old ass TV show called “Under the Mountain.” It was imported from New Zealand, and broadcast on, of all channels, Nickelodeon. Remember this was a show based on Cthulhu mythos, but I guess Nickelodeon nabbed it because the main characters were a pair of kids who, I don’t exactly recall, used magic stones to wish the monsters home or something?

There was a movie remake of it a few years ago starring Sam Neil. I don’t recall much from it, but it probably has special effects than the show, which are old-school Doctor Who level mostly. Plus the only videos I can find on it are… poor.

Anyway, it really stuck with me all these years, I think probably because it was the first truly macabre thing I’d ever seen. I was 9 when it was produced. Not sure when it was aired in America, but the creatures in that show were definitely my first tentacle monsters.

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