“Nursing Sacks” is probably the least flattering thing to call breasts, but they would be pretty weird to an alien species that came from a planet where nothing evolved mammary glands or fed its offspring from its own body.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are into that sort of thing. For everyone else, happy Have a Comic as Usual Day.

The dish Sydney is eating isn’t actually anything beyond the physical capability of human digestion, but you can imagine the reaction of 95% of humans that came by your stall and bit into something hovering around a million scoville. Maybe a million and a half. You know how it is. Every chef does it a bit different, sometimes you get unlucky and you catch the kitchen just after they’ve given everything the mandatory monthly cleaning, and you don’t get any of that deep, baked in flavor.

Suffice to say, while there are some sapient species that can functionally ignore the effects of capsaicin, most species do feel it to either a lesser or greater degree than humans, and this dish is hot enough that anyone who can feel the effects, does.

BTW, some of the crowd in panel 1 are cameos, some aren’t, so don’t kill yourself trying to identify everyone.

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