My favorite thing about this page is that we break into this conversation midstream, so you need to realize it took Sydney that much longer to realize the other girl was speaking English. I don’t know what she is. Demoness? Tiefling-adjacent? Whatever. Obviously Gray-gal there suggested Sydney have some more of that supposedly dangerous-to-human spicy food so she could film it for her universetube channel.

There’s obviously other ways onto the station. People can beam down or take shuttles, but you’re supposed to use the starports if you dock, otherwise there’d be ships landing all over the place. There are some races than can fly using various methods, so they can just hop out of their ship and float down wherever they need, but they still need to park their ship either at a port or put it in orbit. Gray-gal can’t fly and doesn’t have her own personal shuttle, so she was being a little absent minded when she said there wasn’t any other way on to the station.

Also, there are travel gates all over the station (basically human scale stargates) but unbeknownst to most of the station’s populace, there are some gates that lead to weird places. Technically they’re shut down and not equipped with information kiosks, but it is still quite possible to get onto the station and miss the amenities.

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