Sydney obviously already knew that her orbs were high level loot, but now it’s confirmed she has a matched set of God-Tier artifacts. Or maybe they’re… Ragnarok Tier?

But as seen on this page, that can cause some problems for her in the right environments. Let’s be honest, it’s a “my suitcase full of money is so heavy” kind of problem most of the time.

Basically you can’t take advanced tech to a lower tier civilization. There rules are really specific based on each world, it’s probably pretty exhausting going through customs there. The biggest restriction is polluting pre-FTL civs with FTL tech, because the general belief is that a race has to earn that particular milestone… and survive all the particular challenges that civilizations are presented with on the path to deep space travel. The post-FTL civs have their own tech rules and hangups. Some have religious problems with vat grown meat or… holograms. I don’t know. Religion can be weird that way. Other civs have corporations working on the latest game console and they don’t want alien game consoles with quantum optical chips beating them to market and tanking their stock. I mean, imagine if an alien civilization started selling their own cars with an inexhaustible power supply on Earth. The automotive and oil companies would be done, and the world economy would be fuuuuucked.

Actually, forget aliens. If a supervillain wanted to fuck the world economy, all they’d have to do is sell cars that ran on water or something. Doctor Doom made a time machine in Fantastic Four issue… I don’t know. Two? That dude could legit make cars that got 200 miles to the gallon or that ran on banana peels, Mr. Fusion style. He could do that in his sleep and just own the civilized world in under a decade.

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