I hope that top panel is legible. I didn’t want to try and typeset all that text so I hand wrote it. While my handwriting is kind of neat… not like, 18th century calligrapher neat, granted, but usually it’s pretty legible – though some of the lettering size is a little inconsistent. I’ll make the double sized page a public post over at Patreon so if you’re having to squint a little too much, you can check it out there.

Now that I think about it, it’s a little weird that Cora is the first one to put this together. (I’m not saying she’s right, but it’s a fair guess.) Dabbler probably suspects it but never brought it up.

Keep in mind that the “Nth” as she calls them are entirely hypothetical, and even if they did exist, some of their activities could be mistaken for the Tier 3 guys. You know, the Vorlons, Reapers, even Precursors. Guys who have some amazing tech but are still banging around in spaceships. Or… are spaceships, in the case of the Reapers.

According to Dabbler, the Nth aren’t necessarily ascended, like, energy beings, but they have technology so advanced that it’s unrecognizable as technology, and according to her theory, tend to work in ways that aren’t detectable via normal examination. Like, they’ve never shown up and been all “Yo I’m basically the Beyonder and I can kill a galaxy with a wave of my hand.” Because if they had… well, then they wouldn’t be hypothetical, would they?

Anyway, Dabbler will probably talk about them at some point when Sydney gets back and asks about them.

I mean if she gets back! No, it’s totally when.

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