Well that’s gratitude for ya. But it’s also… kind of unsurprising really. Also, if you’re at a giant space airport, you gotta pick up some souvenirs, right? It would be embarrassing to return home from your lost in space journey without knickknacks for the team.

Sydney does make a good point about not really needing to hide the orbs. The very idea of the mythical 4th tier of civilization/technology isn’t even universally agreed on by everyone, and those who do think it exists have no direct evidence of it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean someone won’t be impressed with Sydney’s orbs and try to do something about it, so some caution might be sensible. Still, will all the alien life forms roaming the station, there’s maybe not anything too unusual about someone with lights floating around their heads. The gray gal at the food booth had a flame… eye thing between her horns. Never quite figured out what that was really, just thought it looked neat when I drew it. Still, Sydney and her orbs don’t stand out as much as she might think in a moon sized creature cantina.

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