Merry Christmas Eve to those of you celebrating the holiday. Merry “you probably have at least part of the week off anyway” to those of you who don’t. And Merry double overtime to those of you in category 3.

I think the idea that the guy is sent to mine something insubstantial is funnier than it should be. How would one mine “warp”? I think the first draft had “gravity mines” but I thought some people might confuse that with explosive mines floating in space that are attracted to ships via gravity or something, so I changed it. Still, it makes me imagine the guy with a ball and chain swinging a pickaxe at… something, then loading a minecart up with hazy blobs of purple energy.

I had considered showing the fight, but I thought it would wind up being 10-12 pages of decent but not groundbreaking action. I mean I’m not exactly Yusuke Murata or Masahiko Nakahira over here. Yet.

Given the foregone conclusion, I figured it’d be okay to skip this time around. We’ll get to see Cora fight eventually.

Cora is very much a combat monster, much in the way Dabbler is, but unlike her, Cora is a focused DPS, whereas Dabbler is a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Cora has some tankiness, but she’s most comfortable as ranged damage. She’s the ranger, essentially. Minus the healing spells and communing with nature stuff.

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