So presumably what happened during the fight was Sydney quickly put up her shield, but before she could figure out her next move, Cora shot one of the muggers with her Flay Thrower. Yeah, you read that right. Then Sydney spent the next thirty seconds trying to figure out if her bubble had a windshield wiper option.

Actually nothing really sticks to the shield, but Sydney just smeared around the gore around with the lighthook a bunch. If she had just left it alone, it would have quickly sloughed off by itself.

Once she got that clear enough, she saw Cora using the gravity gun attachment she teleports out on this page to hold up a dumpster as a shield before smashing someone into a wall with it.

Then things got violent because the muggers started trying to “defend themselves” and “run away.”

Edit: Okay, to clarify Cora’s situation, I changed her dialog from saying “I was born a quadriplegic.” to “I was born without limbs.” I thought quadriplegic meant either paralyzed or missing limbs, and some people use it interchangably, but the actual definition of the word simply means extant but paralyzed.

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