I hadn’t quite planned on Cora’s hard light projector being able to extend that far, because on top of giving her fairly broad disguise and shapeshifting powers, (on top of being a bit of a combat monster already), having an 18′ range on hard light constructs kind of turns her into a mini color accurate Green Lantern. At the very least, she could do a Doc Oc thing, or like a God of War bit with the sword/hook things on chains. I’m trying to avoid serious power creep with Cora, partially because I envisioned her being pretty powerful to begin with.

My half-assed solution to this is that everything on the snek tail past the second ground contact point is just projected hologram, and not actually hard light. So Cora’s cheating a bit there. I’ll say the hard light cutoff is about 8′. Still.

When Cora said this was an old loadout, she wasn’t kidding. I have a pencil drawing of her in this getup that’s like, 15-ish years old. She’s holding 4 scimitars in it, even though she’s not much of a melee fighter if she can avoid it. I had planned on scanning it, but it’s somewhere in a 10″ deep stack of drawings, so I’ll keep looking for it.

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