So when I thought of Cora, like, I don’t know, 20 years ago, she had cybernetic limbs. She had them up until a few months before I put her in the comic, when I came up with the idea to replace her cybernetics with the hard light stuff. It seemed cool and more futuristic (and this after I just bagged on myself for not being much of a futurist.)

My original thought about the hard light replacements for the cybernetics (at least the external stuff like her limbs. She still has an onboard computer and… whatever, wifi and smartgun targeting etc.) But the hard light was just supposed to be just a replacement for her limbs. Then I had those refrigerator moments where I started thinking that if she had the hard light projector, what else would she be doing with it. That’s when I came up with her replacing her clothes with it, and it doubles as armor since the hard light is, in fact, quite hard.

The unintended result of her intelligently applying her tech is that she, like Dabbler, can essentially shapeshift. It was never a power set I imagined for her, but it makes too much sense for her to have it as a “power stunt” as it were.

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