I thought it would be fun doing a reverse harem setup on Cora’s ship. I mean, why not? Being friends with Dabbler has obviously rubbed off on her. I tried to come up with some varied body and face types for her crew, but one guy is a bit more muscular than the others, and that’s about it. Their faces are obviously different, but I really wanted the orange faced guy to look a lot more like one of the effeminate pretty boys from those boy love mangas that girls seem to like. Or at least more like Tuxedo Mask at least. Same thing basically.

I just kind of gravitated to my standard fit male body type, so I guess that just means Cora has her own preferences. That or she values the skills of each member of the crew slightly more than she does having a varied menagerie.

About panel two, I didn’t even try and draw the ship from the bottom. I mean, I did a little in the first panel, but cheated with the blur. I’m still trying to catch up from the holidays, so I figured better to throw in a self-aware joke than to pull my hair out trying to draw a big shot of the underside of the ship.

If this was a manga and I had a team of background artists, this whole page would have been just an establishing shot of the spaceport, then a 2/3 of the page panel of the ship sitting in the dock. That’s fine if you’re flipping through a book, but for a biweekly webcomic, it’d be kind of a bummer to visit a page and just see some sweet backgrounds, IMO.

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