One of Sydney’s unofficial powers is the ability to turn on a dime, emotionally speaking. She has big reactions and big swings. One might almost describe her as manic. Not manic depressive. Just manic. Not sure if that’s a thing, but it’s Syndey’s thing.

I read something like 130 novels last year, (during my morning walks, not while I was supposed to be working on the comic or anything) including rereads of a few series. All of them were pulp sci-fi or fantasy, a lot of them happened to have haremy themes in them. I don’t know why I lean that way when I’m looking for new books to read, I think most novels with harems kind of slam the characters together too quickly and there’s little emotional weight to the relationships, but every genre has stand outs.

Anyway, that’s been on my mind a lot lately, so I thought I’d have fun with the reverse harem thing on Cora’s ship. I might have leaned into it a little hard, as I’ve never seen any sort of harem setup where the harem gets introduced along with, as Sydney puts it, their sexual resumes. Unless that harem story is just straight smut, then it’d probably be okay.

If reverse harem books interest you, the one I’ve read and can recommend is Dragon’s Gift by Jada Smith and May Sage. It’s a little more romancy than your typical pulp fantasy harem novel, but there’s a decent plot and good characters.

I updated the stale vote incentive with some old pictures I had of Cora, including the one I finally found of her Naga armor. It’s from 1992, so yeah, probably older than a lot of people reading the comic.



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