If it wasn’t clear, Sydney is trying to vet Frix. She doesn’t want to put herself in a situation where she does “stuff” with a guy, only to find out he’s a horrible womanizer, or unironically says “escape goat,” or is a racist, or doesn’t like Chris Claremont era X-Men.

Not that she’s necessarily had a lot of problems like that with her dating life. She’s not especially impulsive when it comes to her love life, so she usually has a pretty good idea of what she’s getting into. Never been in a hump and dump or anything. Not that this is likely to turn into a long term relationship. She just wants to know that he would pass muster if circumstances were different.

Cora’s hard light projector sits on her back usually, so she keeps a bunch of her old cybernetic limbs handy for massage time. The ones she has equipped right now have been described as having an upsettingly realistic skin texture.

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