First time making out with an alien cutie? Probably a good idea to take a moment and sort out all potential cultural baggage. Luckily Sydney is well familiarized with the trope.

Generally speaking, setting up some boundaries the first time you make out with anyone isn’t the worst idea either. The danger there is that you start outlining stuff like “Okay, you can stick your finger in my ear, but not your tongue, but if you stick anything in my butt, then I don’t want that appendage anywhere near my ear…” and the other person is like, “Whoa, I was just hoping to get to second base, you’re already planning the 5th inning.”

The idea of a bath or pool seems really weird on a spaceship, because we’re all used to Star Trek and seeing people getting knocked around the bridge when they’re in a battle or a gravitational whatsit. Large jarring movements don’t sit well with the idea of any sized body of liquid, be it a coffee cup or an Olympic pool. Presumably, the inertial dampeners on Cora’s ship are top of the line, or the tub is usually drained into tanks when not in use. Probably both, really.

I want to see an episode of a Star Trek like show where instead of the people on the bridge getting thrown around, they cut to a guy in his quarters trying to build a house of cards or a ship in a bottle. That or the daycare, and show a bunch of kids cartwheeling around in the air. I could actually see The Orville do the first one. Maybe not the one with the kids though.

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