Cora has been known to help people just because they need help, but she’s like, 80% Paragon, 20% Renegade, and usually has a slightly more mercenary attitude about how and where she applies her talents. Sydney’s entirely altruistic motivations caught her a little off guard.

Of course, it’s easy to be altruistic when you’re doing it with someone else’s spaceship.

People have brought up the question as to how much help these refugees actually need. Fracture Station probably has homeless people living on it, and it hasn’t been established if there’s any sort of social services or support. The fact is, the administrating government of the station is quite well off, but they don’t want to be too generous with social support, because they’re worried it will attract galactic vagrancy. Their solution is to have a jobs program in place. The docks always need workers, and there’s always maintenance. If you can carry stuff, you can find a job. If you can weld or rewire stuff, you’re even better off.

Basically if you get stuck on the station, you can get a grunt work job until you can book passage off the station. They’re not big on long term indolence.

So, some of these Alari refugees would probably be okay. The ones with little kids like this mom here would have a rougher time of it, and if Cora can take them to an Alari planet, they’ll probably do better.

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