Hopefully it’s obvious, but Slyv is setting up collapsible shelters there in that bay.

Dabbler used to fly around the galaxy with Cora a lot, and that’s when the ship got a lot of the crazier amenities installed. Cora is more sexually adventurous than most people, but it’s when she hangs around with Dabbler that she really gets caught up in it, and starts combining that particular hobby with her normal pastime of engineering. Thus, a bunch of crazy sexmenities that in reality barely ever get used.

I didn’t mention it on the last page, but Sydney is wearing one of Frix’s old coats while her Archon gear is being laundered. You know how after a gal has naked time with a guy, she has to walk around in some over sized garment of his, like a t-shirt or hoodie or something? It’s not just an Earth law, it’s intergalactic. Well, intragalactic really. Who knows how those weirdos over in Andromeda handle it.

Also, I didn’t forget Sydney’s glasses. They’re being repaired. She really only needs them for reading anyway.

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